Table Decorations for a Wedding Reception

29While planning a wedding reception there are a host of things to be kept in mind. Even though the wedding ceremony remains the focal point of the event, the decoration of the reception venue lingers in the memories of not only the couple, but also the guests. There are many creative ways to dress up your wedding reception tables. This should ideally be done keeping in mind the wedding theme, color and style. If you are looking for an elegant and chic look, there are many creative ideas for creating a beautiful tableau for the reception.

So, whether you are decorating a head table for seating the bride, groom and the bridal party or an intimate sweetheart one for just the wedding couple, here are some reception table decoration ideas that you will absolutely love.

Table Linen

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Fall Wedding Colors

28Fall, also known as autumn, is the period between late September to December. It is the time when the trees start shedding their leaves. Though earlier, weddings were held during the first half of the year, nowadays more and more couples are opting to get married during the season of autumn. One great advantage of having an autumnal wedding is that this season awards nature with beautiful, rich colors which can brighten your wedding day.
The basic color palette of fall colors includes jewel tones of orange, green, red, purple, brown, and coffee colors. Some of the variations of these colors include royal hues of rich red, gold, wheat, taupe, burgundy, copper, rust, marigold, bronze, mocha, and sage green. The best thing to do is to have a combination of two fall colors to make your wedding special. Here are some color schemes that you can use, for everything, from your wedding decorations to your bridesmaid dresses.

Gazebo Wedding Decoration Ideas

27These days, weddings are being planned with a touch of difference. Although many would love it the traditional way, there are couples that would love to try something different for this very important occasion of their lives! Planning a wedding can be a fun affair if you let your creativity run loose.
Wedding themes are getting even more dynamic than before, with many young couples opting for experimentation in terms of decoration and themes.

A wedding under the bright blue skies is very much in demand, and gazebos are ideal for such weddings. They can be made to look particularly beautiful during the nighttime. Beautiful wedding centerpieces and wedding flowers can be used creatively to achieve the desired effect. Apart from these, there are many other ideas you can incorporate for wedding decorations for the structure or even the garden area.

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Simple Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

25Those planning to have a church wedding, would usually prefer a pure and serene atmosphere at their wedding venue rather than something loud and over the top. The same thinking can be extended when planning the decorations as well. Decorations for a church should ideally be simple, elegant, and classy, so that they add and match up to the charm and sentiment that a venue like a church exudes.

You should firstly understand what all constitutes church wedding decorations. The entrance and exit, doors, pews, aisle, altar, ceiling and floor – these are the things and places that need to be dressed up for a church wedding. There are numerous options available for decorating them, such as flowers, ribbons, candles, lights, lanterns, etc. However, before deciding on the decorations, you should be sure of the color combination that you want at your wedding. Usually, no other color matches the purity and sanctity of the church as white. Having an all-white wedding can make the whole affair look very classy and sophisticated. However, if you are someone who thinks that an all-white wedding is a bit boring, a combination of red and white, green and white, or purple and white, are other good color schemes for a wedding.


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